Google certificate program seeks to boost non-college grads, provide ‘opportunity for everyone’


Google’s online job training program is hoping to “create real economic opportunity for everyone,” according to Grow with Google Vice President Lisa Gevelber.

“Eighty million Americans do not have a college degree and we feel like that is a barrier to getting a good job,” she told FOX Business’ “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Monday.

According to Gevelber, Google career certificates enable people to get the right skills and connect with the right employers for them.

The certificate courses are designed to be taken online at the participant’s own pace, which allows working people to take advantage of the program, according to Grow with Google’s website.

The average course can be completed in fewer than six months and costs roughly $240.

The job fields covered by the program include I.T. support, data analytics, user experience design and project management, all of which are “in demand” and “high-paying” fields, according to Gevelber.

The program’s site states the average salary for entry-level roles across certificate fields is $63,600.

Google is working with the online learning platform Coursera to offer the certificates and the courses are taught by “experts at Google who have decades of experience,” Gevelber said.

Gevelber believes the most important aspect of the program is Google’s partnerships with employers like Home Depot, Smucker’s, Walmart, Infosys and

“We’ve got 130 employers who are eager to hire those [career certificate] graduates,” she said.